Do you have a vehicle/portal system operating with Windows XP?

Typically this will be an All in One or IEI system or even running on a standard computer.  

You may well be aware that:

…but have you considered how old your computer now is?

If you have a machine running XP it is likely to be of considerable age for a computer… should you be considering a replacement for a machine of this age before it fails, leaving you unable to scan for radioactive sources and potentially putting your company at risk both financially and health-wise?

The lack of support for Windows XP means that drivers for new hardware are unavailable so connecting a new printer is nigh on impossible: no reports can be printed.  

There are difficulties in these machine connecting to the Internet, particularly using wifi: reports cannot be emailed.

The lack of connectivity means we cannot offer the remote support via TeamViewer that often negates a costly visit to site.

In addition, whilst your version 2 software ably carries out scans and identifies radioactive sources (and will continue to do so until the hardware fails), it is not as sophisticated as the version 5 that has just been released on the RadComm RadLink computer, running on the latest version of Windows.

Perhaps the time has come to be forward thinking and proactive… and we are here to help. Download details of the RadLink here or contact us for alternative solutions.

Contact us for more details…

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