Nuclear Power Plants

The most obvious industry to require detection equipment is the nuclear power sector, whether in operation or when being decommissioned. Measurements of radiation levels will ensure protocols are adhered to for safe storage, transportation and disposal of waste radioactive material. RadComm can provide products for not only large scale detection, such as portals and material handler devices but also detection on a more personal and portable scale.

Below are the products that would be applicable to your facility.  More details can be downloaded below or contact us for further information

Early Warning Software


RadComm Supervisory Software

Supervisory Software connects all your radiation detection systems to a central console, delivering detailed operational visibility and remote control.

Intuitive design

Upgradeable from other RadComm systems

RadComm Software Specification SummaryDownload a pdf specification

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Analysis Product Range


RadCom RadLab

The RadLab was developed specifically for the metal industries and environmental control to provide the highest degree of accuracy in measured samples.

  • Use selectable scan times
  • Full scale isotope analysis
  • Quick scan feature (optional)
  • Full network capabilities for system monitoring and servicing.
  • Large 152 mm (6”) diameter well

RadComm RadLab Specification Summary

Download a pdf specification

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RadComm RadSampler

The RadSampler is a compact yet highly sensitive laboratory gamma spectrometer, developed as a desktop unit it can quickly analyse small objects.

  • Compact footprint for desktop application
  • Configurable scanning or dwell times
  • Easy to operate five button keypad
  • Remote service and calibration capability

RadComm RadSampler Specification Summary

Download a pdf specification

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Portable Product Range


RadComm RC2 Plus portable radiation detector

Zero in on a potential radioactive source quickly and more effectively with an RC2Plus.

  • Improved sensitivity and great response
  • Easy to use
  • Larger high definition display with multiple languages
  • Lightweight with longer battery life
  • Two versions: Basic with Total Count; or Advanced ROI Analysis.RadComm RC2Plus series Specification Summary

Download a pdf specification

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RadComm MSpec portable spectrometer

The MSpec portable Fast Responding Radiation Spectrometer and Dose Rate Meter will instantly measure any material for tradioactivity.

  • Light weight and palm sized
  • Large Nuclide isotope library
  • Simplified use and easy to understand operation
  • Manual or Automatic operation modes
  • Automatic Stabilisation (no check source required)
  • RadView software for integration
  • Instantly detects in General or Medical Waste, or Scrap MetalRadComm MSpec series Specification Summary

Download a pdf specification

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 RadComm Syclone portable gamma detector

The Syclone is a highly sensitive portable Gamma-Ray spectrometer capable of identifying multiple isotopes simultaneously.

  • Large Isotope Library
  • Lightweight and Battery Operated
  • Large Backlit Display and Easy to Follow Menus
  • 4 Position Joystick
  • Large Integral Memory

RadComm Syclone series Specification Summary

Download a pdf specification

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Vehicle Portal Product Range

RC4000 Series

 RadComm RC4138 in situ

The RC2000 can be upgraded to, or you could start with, the RC4000 series, with its enhanced software capabilities.

  • Innovative Design
  • Multiple Detector Sizes
  • Energy Specific Alarm
  • Background Statistical Analyses
  • Real-Time Density Tracking Algorithm
  • Unique PVT Aging Monitoring
  • Network Capability with Email
  • Easy to install and User friendlyRadComm RC4000 series Specification Summary

Download a pdf specification

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Crystal Portal Product Range


RadComm RC5000 NeuSpec

NeuSpec utilises gamma spectra energy deconvolution techniques: a significant improvement over conventional PVT scintillator based systems.

  • Innovative Design
  • User friendly, easy to operate
  • RC5000: 1 or 2 panel Detection System
  • RC7000: Multi-panel Detection System
  • Can be used with existing PVT systems
  • Flexible installation

RadComm RC5000 series Specification Summary

Download a pdf specification

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Material Handler Product Range

Grapple Cricket

RadComm Cricket Grapple mounted detector

Cricket Grapple is the world’s leading, most rugged, highest sensitive radiation detection grapple mounted system on the market!

  • Proven, tested, innovative leading edge technology
  • Unparalleled durability
  • User friendly, easy to operate
  • East to install and maintenance friendly
  • Supervisory software capable

RadComm Cricket Grapple series Specification Summary

Download a pdf specification

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