Handheld and Portable Radiation Detection Systems

A handheld device is a useful tool to help locate the source more accurately (used within your company and HSE guidelines for dealing with any sources).  All RadComm handheld and portable devices are fully automatic and designed to allow fast and easy inspection of areas.

Products such as the RC2Plus, RC22 & RC23 Wand and the Syclone are designed for detecting in containers or vehicles that may contain radioactive materials, or to verify or separate radioactive materials that have triggered radioactive alarms on large scale detection systems.

The Rhandy and the MSpec are smaller in size, but no less sensitive and can be used to instantly detect on clothing and food, or as a personal dose monitor. Download further details on all portable and handheld systems, below.

Portable Product Range


RadComm RC2 Plus portable radiation detector

Zero in on a potential radioactive source quickly and more effectively with an RC2Plus.

  • Improved sensitivity and great response
  • Easy to use
  • Larger high definition display with multiple languages
  • Lightweight with longer battery life
  • Two versions: Basic with Total Count; or Advanced ROI Analysis.RadComm RC2Plus series Specification Summary

Download a pdf specification

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RC22 & RC23 Wand

RadComm RC22 & RC23 wand portable radiation detector

Pinpoint a potential radioactive source quickly and safely with an RC22 or RC23 Wand for a longer reach.

  • Fully automatic and easy to use
  • Light weight
  • Extendible for longer reach
  • Easy to read backlit display
  • Quick response time with variable alarm tone

RadComm RC22 & 23 Wand series Specification Summary

Download a pdf specification

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 RadComm Syclone portable gamma detector

The Syclone is a highly sensitive portable Gamma-Ray spectrometer capable of identifying multiple isotopes simultaneously.

  • Large Isotope Library
  • Lightweight and Battery Operated
  • Large Backlit Display and Easy to Follow Menus
  • 4 Position Joystick
  • Large Integral Memory

RadComm Syclone series Specification Summary

Download a pdf specification

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Palm Sized / Personal Product Range


RadComm RHandy

The Rhandy is a very user friendly and economical solution for portable radiation and contamination monitoring.  

  • Lightweight and palm sized
  • Completely automatic
  • Measures personal accumulated dose
  • Rugged case
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Selectable display units
  • Instantly detects and measures radioactivity on clothing, food, water and the environment.RadComm RHandy series Specification Summary

Download a pdf specification

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RadComm MSpec portable spectrometer

The MSpec portable Fast Responding Radiation Spectrometer and Dose Rate Meter will instantly measure any material for radioactivity.

  • Light weight and palm sized
  • Large Nuclide isotope library
  • Simplified use and easy to understand operation
  • Manual or Automatic operation modes
  • Automatic Stabilisation (no check source required)
  • RadView software for integration
  • Instantly detects in General or Medical Waste, or Scrap MetalRadComm MSpec series Specification Summary

Download a pdf specification

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