Bespoke Portal Radiation Detection Systems

From local scrap yards to steel mills, and border crossings around the globe, RadComm is committed to helping you design the equipment and software necessary to protect your critical operations. This doesn’t always necessitate a complete new system as some existing parts of a system already in place may be able to be modified to suit the new requirements.  For new systems, contact us with your requirements as RadCommGB manufacturers the stands for the vehicle systems on their site so can adapt for you needs, whilst still keeping within the detectors parameters for correct working.  We can also manufacture cages to ensure your system is protected from accidents.

Below are a few examples of custom-made portal solutions for customers.  

Example Custom-made Solutions


RadComm Swin Arm RC2000 series

A two detector system on a swinging arm enabling the restricted width roadway to be utilised in full.

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Fixed overhead

RadComm fixed overhead

A three detector system over rails to ensure taller wagons are effectively scanned.

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Fixed overhead

RadComm static overhead

For when material needs scanning from above with taller vehicles.  The overhead system is suspended to allow for over-height vehicles

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