Material Handling




RadComm RC2069 in situ

RadComm Cricket Grapple mounted detector


Laboratory Systems


Vehicle portal systems prevent costly radioactive contamination of your premises, equipment, product & personnel.  

Suitable for:

  • Small, merchant traffic
  • Medium, road vehicles
  • Large, truck and rail
  • High volume, truck and rail

Material handling

systems use a highly sensitive detector, that fits directly on the grapple, to find sources other systems may miss.

Suitable for:

  • Scrap handling
  • Waterside unloading / loading
  • Rail car unloading / loading
  • Charge bucket loading

Portable & handheld detectors are designed to be simple and easy to use. They are rugged and of a durable design for a range of industries.  

Suitable for:

  • Fast and easy inspection of smaller areas
  • Ideal to locate a source that has triggered a larger system

RadComm laboratory products are an integral part of radiation safety and have been developed to provide the highest degree of accuracy.

Suitable for:

  • Testing small samples
  • Maintaining quality and product control
  • Ideal for sampling from smelting processes

RadComm software

makes monitoring multiple systems easier and helps to prevent contamination before it happens.

Suitable for:

  • Steel mills and smelting
  • When a number of different systems need to be monitored
  • When remote monitoring is required

Whatever your application, RadComm has the product…

There are broadly five categories of RadComm products, as can be seen below. The product line is extensive and can provide many industries with complete plant (or facility) protection. We can also offer bespoke systems, for example more flexible, larger portal systems or portals that are mobile. You can see the majority of range in our quick brochure (some products are bespoke).

If you are unsure of the most effective solution for your situation, look on our Industries page.  You can also find out why radiation detection is important on our radioactivity and its risks page.

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