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Many different industries are at risk of contamination from radioactive sources. Installing and using detection equipment allows for early identification before any damage can occur to your product or workforce. You can find out more on our radiation and its risks page.

RadComm has an extensive product line, and can provide many industries with complete plant (or facility) protection, from gate entrances, grapple mounted systems, conveyor and charge bucket operations to off-gas monitoring as well as handheld detection for those working in the field, such as in medical facilities or surveyors (as can be seen in this download).  

Examples of Industries

Steel Mills

Waste to Energy

Scrap Recycling

Nuclear Plants

Border Security

Foundries and Mills

Waste to Energy

Minelli M380 handling scrap

Nuclear power plants

Steel Mills and Foundries benefit from the use of radiation detection equipment to prevent the accidental smelting of orphan sources.

Waste to Energy and Landfill sites need to guard against accidental radioactive contamination from a range of sources.

Scrap Recycling involves a wide variety of objects and materials from a range of people, many which may involve orphan sources

Nuclear Power Plants, whether in operation or when being decommissioned are a obvious place to require radiation detection to ensure safety.

Border Security and the Military require effective scanning of vehicles in real time without disrupting traffic flow

Border Control

Your Primary Source

For Radiation Detection

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