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RadComm RHandy
RadCom has designed an easy to use fast  responding portable radiation detector providing early warning of the presence of radiation  contamination that anyone can use.

Light weight and palm sized

Fully automatic and easy to use

Adjustable alarm setting

Easy to read backlit display

Selectable display readout

Fully Automatic and User Friendly

The adjustable alarm threshold setting can be set to a  predetermined radiation level or the recommended factory default alarm threshold can be used.  Operation of the RHandy is completely automatic once the easy-to-set operational parameters have been decided upon. Simply position the unit in close proximity to the object that needs to be scanned and listen for the varying audio alarm to  sound and/or the displayed readings to increase.  

In addition to the units fast response there is a resettable accumulated Dose that can be used for personal absorbed Dose or can be located near the air intake to a home for accumulated Dose tracking of air filters. Tracking of the air intake filter will provide vital information when to switch off the air and when to change the filter.   

Easy to Read Display with Audible Alarm

The selectable display readout will show the desired units of measure such as Counts per Second (CPS), or Dose -Rate (Sv/hr, or R/hr).  The displayed radiation level is auto-scaling with warning messages.

RadComm RHandy Specification Summary