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RadComm NeuSpec
Next Level in Radiation Detection

Industry leading technology

Fast reacting alarm response with isotopic identification

State of the art large volume, high resolution Thallium Doped Sodium Iodide crystal (NaI(Tl)) scintillation detectors

Stabilisation without a radioactive check source

Utilises gamma spectra energy deconvolution technique

Standalone technology or can be added onto existing PVT based systems

Flexible installation allowing for use in a variety of applications and settings

Neutron detection capability (Optional)

NEUSPEC utilizes gamma spectra energy deconvolution techniques, which is a significant improvement over conventional PVT scintillator based systems and is specifically designed to enhance a radiation detection systems ability to recognize specific Gamma energies which can adversely affect alarm thresholds.  NEUSPEC uses advanced isotopic identification algorithms in conjunction with RadComm’s industry-leading and proven Region Of Interest (R.O.I.) analyses providing best in class detection and identification capabilities.

NEUSPEC incorporates large Sodium Iodide Thallium Doped crystals (NaI(Tl)) specifically selected for high resolution signal response which are protected inside a stainless steel case with a low density aluminium door.  To ensure the best possible spectral analyses, the sodium iodide crystals are continuously stabilized with specific Gamma energies associated with the ambient background energies, thus eliminating the need for a supplied radioactive source(s).  

Recommended for Vehicle/Portal, Conveyor, Charge Bucket, Off-Gas, Slab/Billet, Consteel System, Grapple, Magnet and other critical monitoring applications.  

Neuspec RC500 RC700 Spectroscopic Radiation Detection


1 – 2 Spectroscopic Radiation Detection System


Multi-panel Spectroscopic Radiation Detection System

Flexible design allows for both PVT and NaI(Tl) scintillator detectors

RadComm RC5000 series Specification Summary