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RadComm RC4000 series
Prevent costly radioactive contamination of your scrap yard, steel plant, equipment, product & personnel with an RC4000!

Innovative Design, with Multiple Detector Sizes

User Friendly, Easy to Install and Operate

Energy Specific Alarm and Background Statistical Analyses

Real Time Density Tracking Algorithm

Network Capability with Email

Detection of Radioactivity in High Density Materials

The RC4000 series of radiation detection systems have been designed to detect very low gamma emissions in high density materials.  The RC4000 is supplied in three detector panel sizes (69L, 91L, 138L) with any configuration with up to 8 detector panels. These systems all utilise RadComm’s high quality specially prepare polyvinyl toluene (PVT) scintillators, electronics and dual Photo Multiplier Tubes (PMT´s).

Simplified System Operation

The RC4000 utilises real-time statistical algorithms that are based on Gamma Energy Distribution to ensure alarm thresholds levels are optimised.  It has a User Friendly Graphical interface allowing easy navigation through the many user options.  All detailed Clean Scan, Testing and Alarms records are stored on the internal hard drive and can be easily retrieved and interpreted as required.

Remote System Access

The RC4000 Controller is equipped with a network adaptor allowing remote monitoring, data retrieval and maintenance functions. The software and hardware designs are extremely flexible allowing remote software updates and electronic hardware adjustments when necessary, & emailing of alarms (with network connection).

A more Sophisticated Detection for High Density Materials

RadComm RC4000 series Specification Summary RadComm RC4000 series vehicle radiation detection system