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RadComm RadSampler
The RADSampler is a compact yet highly sensitive laboratory gamma spectrometer

Compact footprint for desktop application

Configurable scanning or dwell times

Available in Basic and Advanced versions

Easy to operate 5 button keypad

Remote service and calibration capability

Easily configurable to isolate results

RADSampler Basic version allows a user to isolate up to four (4) Regions Of Interest (ROI) of the energy range spectrum and set specific alarm thresholds. This isolation allows for quicker results to detect the four most common isotopes found in the metal manufacturing industries.

RADSampler Advance takes the user to the next level of detection and identification capability. With a large Isotope Library it can accurately identify specific and multiple isotopes within any given sample. RADSampler. Advance is suitable for any industry that is concerned about potential contaminated product and/or incoming material that requires testing.

Simplified Easy to understand results

The RADSampler utilises powerful Windows based software which allows for uploading of stored spectra results to any PC via USB to produce a user friendly report. Further analysis can be performed by opening using RadComm’s PC Analysis software to view a specific ROI in a detailed histogram format.

Desktop sized laboratory with powerful response

Measuring approximately 8-1/2” (21cm) wide x 12-3/4” (32cm) long and weighing only 86 lbs (39 kg), it easily sits on any desktop or industrial shelf. No longer is it necessary to dedicate valuable floor space to

accommodate much larger and heavier spectrometers.

RADSampler’s large Thallium doped Sodium Iodide, Nal(Tl), crystal coupled with customer enabled ROI

configuration quickly optimizes test results specifically for Am241, Cs137, Ir192, and Co60. RADSampler

Advance monitors all ROI’s providing users with an even greater range of isotopes and analysis.

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