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RadComm RadLab
The RADLAB was developed specifically for the metal industries to provide the highest degree of accuracy in measured samples for its specific radiological content.

Full scale isotope analysis

Full scanning times between 1-5 minutes

Quick scan feature

Full network capabilities for monitoring and servicing

Large 6" (152mm) diameter WELL to accommodate different sample sizes

Detect and identify specific radioactive isotopes in same sample

The RADLAB spectrometer utilises only highest quality thallium doped sodium iodide crystal, combined with state of the art electronics and software. The result is the ability to distinguish between multiple isotopes and specific gravity levels in the same sample. Results are quickly displayed and a report is generated.

Simplified and Flexible

The RADLAB system uses a WindowsTM based environment and the user based interface software utilises a systematic approach to the step by step sequences when stabilising the system, taking measurements and filling in data.  There are no complex steps that are required to ensure the system is calibrated and taking measurements correctly. Connecting the RADLAB to the outside world is a TCP/IP connection and a serial port.

All system functions can be accessed remotely via a network connection.

International Atomic Energy Association (I.A.E.A.)

The RADLAB’s design was focused on the I.A.E.A. recommended release limits. The user interface software is extremely flexible allowing the user to configure the RADLAB to best suit the applications library requirements.

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