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RadComm Conveyor system
RC4000 and RC7000 advanced radiation systems provide an extremely high degree of protection for the reliable detection of low-level radioactive material.

RadComm conveyor belt systems

Proven, tested, innovative leading edge technology

Unparalleled durability

User friendly, easy to operate

East to install and maintenance friendly

Supervisory software capable

Get closer, scan longer, with more accuracy

This unit can be based on either the RC4000 PVT technology or the RC7000 crystal technology.  

The RC4000 Radiation Detection System is a finely tuned instrument specifically designed to detect radioactivity in scrap material.  This revolutionary design of the RC4000 incorporates state of the art components, as you would expect, and by virtue of the detectors physical location and close proximity to the material being monitored, there is reduced risk of shielding.  

The RC7000 crystal system utilizes gamma spectra energy deconvolution techniques, which is a significant improvement over conventional PVT scintillator based systems and is specifically designed to enhance a radiation detection systems ability to recognize specific Gamma energies which can adversely affect alarm thresholds.

Get close, scan longer, with more accuracy

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